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MM Powerplus III offers a wide range of products, designed from 400A to 5000A with a choice of either copper or aluminum conductors.

The use of finned aluminium casing is an enhanced cooling concept with higher efficiency in heat dissipation as compared to conventional busway product made up of steel casing. The effective size of the earthing is typically 2-3 times the size of the phase conductor, thus provides a better capacity earthing medium for the whole electricity supply system.

MM's single deck design

The compact design of MM Powerplus III requires less space and less work for installation.


  • Aluminium extrusion casing with fin
  • Corrosion resistant: no maintenance required
  • Better cooling function and stronger structural strength
  • Magnetic flux induced is relatively low
  • Much lighter than steel casing

Direct Joint System

The design of MM Powerplus III jointing area provides better conductivity and reduce the chances of accident. Busway joints are designed by simply sliding together the two sections and tightening the clamping bolts progressively to the torque specified.


3P3W (with 50% integral ground by casing)
3P4W (with 50% integral ground by casing)
3P5W (with 50% internal PE)
3P5W (with 100% internal PE)
3P5W (with 200% neutral)

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