Company Profile

MM Powerplus Busway is one of the region's leading providers of electrical busway. We design, manufacture and market all-insulated type busway systems.

In the 90's, MM relocated its operations from Australia to Macau, a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. Due to business expansion, in 2013, once again, MM relocated its operation to Jiangsu province in China. Today, our customers include some of the best known companies in Asia and Middle East. We have completed many icon projects in hotels, casinos, shopping malls, data centers, hospitals, commercial and residential developments.

Due to its compact design, our busway products offer greater flexibility in layout and design, as well as space saving. We are famous for our product quality and technical support. As an international company, the management system of our company is in compliance to the stringent quality assurance standard of ISO9001, IEC 61439, independently tested by ASTA Accredited Laboratory.

MM Powerplus is made up of a team of energetic, responsive and creative individuals. We strive to exceed our customer satisfaction. We will meet our customers' expectations at the highest level of excellence and professionalism.

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